Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Can Taste the Strawberry Shortcake Now!

Strawberries, cream, cake...how does it get any better than that?   I bought these "Whopper" strawberries from Gurney's last month.  They are supposed to get the size of peaches.  I bought 50 plants along with some seeds and 3 patio blueberry plants for around $35 with shipping.  When I got the plants, they were dormant: just little root tangles with brown bits on top.  I was skeptical.  Within a week of planting, all the plants were green and thriving.  I planted them in the front 3 feet of my garden.  Two weeks later, they started blooming.  Shortly thereafter, strawberries started to set.  I have only had these in the ground since March 19th and already have several flats of berries on the plants and more coming on! You can see this one plant has almost a dozen on it.  I'm envisioning strawberry jam, strawberry shortcake, strawberry risotto (May Cooking Light )...don't drool on your keyboard!

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