Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sweet, sweet success...starts with digging a hole.

I awoke this morning, groggily, as usual, stumbled out of bed, and poured my first cup of coffee.  I then took my early morning stroll through the garden to see what wonders had sprouted overnight.  When what do my blurry eyes behold, but my first tomato?  It was like Christmas all over again.  Something about seeing all that hard work, time, and patience pay off is like winning the lottery to me.  It is seeing the fruits of your labor in the simplest, most pure form.  You dig a hole, you plant a seed, and something wonderful and delicious comes from it.

It's kind of like life.  Only this is what really struck me this morning.  Before you see any fruit, you have to dig a hole.  Anything, when first begun, requires you to dig a hole and get in it.  It's pretty dark down there.  No one is around except you and a plan and God.  Yet, somehow, when you put in the effort and make a start, God steps in and lifts you out of the hole completely transformed for all the world to see.

So my question for you today is what seed do you have sitting on the table that needs a hole?  Go ahead and trust God, dig that hole, and jump in with enthusiasm.  You're not going to believe where He takes you!

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