Saturday, February 23, 2013

Biscoff Chocolate Chunk Blondies

Many of you know my obsession with Biscoff. If you are still new to the Biscoff craze, let me encourage you to run to your nearest grocery store and find a jar of Biscoff spread and cookies to try. You will be addicted! Biscoff is made by Lotus Bakeries, a European company best known here in the States for supplying their lovely little cookies on Delta flights. The best description I can give is they are somewhere between a graham crack and gingersnap, but they really have a taste all their own. They are best with a fresh cup of coffee for dunking.

Well, let me take that back, they are best in these Blondies! I mean, these really are obscenely good. I took a recipe from Mother Thyme and added a decadent Biscoff Cream Cheese Frosting. This recipe needs a bit of tweaking (see notes on the printable link), but since I have some folks begging for it, I will post it "as is" for now.

I also made another batch of those wonderful Mini Lemon Chess Bites to take to a promo event at my local chiropractors office. Can't wait to hear how well they did!

So the rest of my weekend is going to be engrossed in house hunting/planning and work on my folks' farm. What are your weekend plans? Happy eating!

  1. Biscoff Chocolate Chunk Blondies
  2. Mother Thyme
  3. Biscoff 
  4. Mini Lemon Chess Bites
Special thanks to CMRS Photography.

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