Thursday, February 28, 2013


I have struggled with my workouts since another back injury sidelined me in 2010. It was one of those defining moments for me. I was down to 20% body fat, in the best shape of my life, and feeling great. That back injury put me out of the gym for the next 2 years. I would try light exercise off and on, cardio, yoga, you name it, but kept having pain and setbacks. Then we moved in 2011, and everything went downhill from there. My body just gave out from all the stress, over-lifting, and lack of nutrition. 2012 was a hard year for me coming to terms with my limitations and how to overcome them.

After months of chiropractic care I was finally out of pain but had no strength. In my heart I wanted my body back. I wanted to be able to run after my son and hike with my husband. I wanted LIFE!

Through all the doctors, therapy, rest, and de-stressing from the past year I came out a wiser and stronger woman. The one thing I learned more than anything is to Never, Ever Give Up! Arthur Boorman and DDP taught me that. If you never watch another YouTube video, please watch Arthur's amazing transformation.

I made the decision to give this crazy DDPYoga a shot, and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. All three bulged discs are holding stable. I have not needed an adjustment in 5 weeks. I have gone from not being able to do one push-up on my knees, to big girl push-ups. I am down just a few pounds, but my strength gains are incredible. I'm not just maintaining; I'm thriving! This past Sunday I spent all day doing farm work, something I could not have dreamed of 4 short weeks ago. While I am not back to where I ultimately want to be, I am well on my way. I have DDPYoga to thank for that.

DDPYoga isn't just for us recovering from injuries, either. Elite athletes are using the more advanced workouts to stay in shape way past their prime and recover from their own injuries. Anyone from beginner to advanced can find benefits in the program.

Yes, I am an affiliate for DDPYoga, simply because I believe in the program and DDP who has a heart to help others. See for yourself how he is helping ex-addicts and hurting people regain their lives. This isn't just a business; it's a mission!

So let me encourage you to check out the program. Email me with any questions you have. But most importantly OWN YOUR LIFE and NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!

P.S. I will be sharing my progress along. My first 30 days are up soon, and I can't wait to see my accomplishments so far!

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