Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cajun-style Mixed Bean Stew

This is so hearty and satisfying. Depending on what type of meat you choose to you use, if any, it is also low-cal! It starts with a packet of Cajun-style Hurst beans mix. I am a big fan of Hurst beans. They are always tender, never old, and the flavorings are wonderful plus gluten-free.

Next add the blessed Trinity (onions, bell pepper, and celery), some parsley, and about 2/3 of the spice packet. For the meat, add 2 small smoked turkey legs. Simmer in the crockpot all day and add some sliced, sauteed Turkey Andouille before serving. Yummy, filling, and nutritious! Serve it up with a side of cornbread and dinner is served.

I told you on Facebook that this is my all-time favorite cornbread recipe, and I mean it! Skillet Custard Cornbread is a recipe from Bay Leaves, the original Junior League cookbook from Panama City, Florida. They celebrated their 100,000th printing last year (since 1975), and it is truly a great book to add to your collection. I give my husband credit for finding this recipe. We had always made the Granny Russ recipe, which is just above this one, but one day Brent read it and wanted to give it a try. We fell in love with it! It is just barely sweet, not like Jiffy, and has a creamy custard layer that is divine! We still love Granny Russ' version. It is the only one we use for Cornbread dressing, but the Skillet Custard Cornbread is our go-to recipe when we want a little something extra. Try it and let me know what you think.

Happy eating!

  1. Cajun-Style Mixed Bean Stew
  2. Skillet Custard Cornbread
  3. Granny Russ' Cornbread
  4. Bay Leaves Cookbook

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