Friday, March 8, 2013

Skinny Eggplant and Chicken Parmesan

This recipe lightens up the traditional in a big way by baking instead of frying all the slices. Plus, you can do it all in one batch saving cooking time. The secret is Panko bread crumbs which help keep it crunchy, even after freezing. In the picture I used globe eggplants, but I have found that the Japanese variety cook more evenly and generally do not have bitter skins. Serve the dish up with marinara and a little extra cheese to finish it.

This past summer we grew oodles of tomatoes, and I made my first homemade marinara sauce. How amazing it is! We have been rationing the last of it to try and make it through till summer. I used a mixture of Heirloom tomatoes, and I truly think that is what made the sauce so wonderful. There is such a sweet and savory blend of flavors that is intoxicating. It was definitely worth the effort.

Happy Eating!

  1. Skinny Eggplant and Chicken Parmesan

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