Monday, April 12, 2010

P90X Kicked My Butt

Actually, it kicked my shoulder.  I was half-way through round 2 of the Back and Arms routine (Day 1), doing wide-arm push-ups, when I felt something snap in my right shoulder.  I was even doing "granny" push-ups!  What a bummer!

Fitness Tip #1: Always stop immediately when you suspect an injury.  You can always pick back up where you left off, or you can continue to injure yourself further.  Your choice.

So I stopped the routine, started an ice-pack compress, and took some ibuprofen.  I will see how I am in the morning.  The most important thing is to start somewhere, which is what I did.  I had not done any real structured exercise in several months.  Although I believe all the gardening I have done should count.  I will take a break for now, but I will not give up.

Tomorrow I will have some recipe and menu ideas posted.  Good luck with your fitness plans!

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