Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Grocery Store Savings - Part 3 (Coupon Crazy)

Today we're going to tackle how to find all those great coupons and use them to your advantage.  I have Googled and read about a million and one coupon sites.  So many are the same or cheap imitations of the originals.  There are only three websites I routinely use to find grocery store deals (If you haven't gotten a Google Reader account yet, now would be a good time):

The CouponMom is the best place to find printable coupons all in one easy, convenient place. Click on the Printable Coupons link for access to, Red Plum, and Smart Source, as well as several different coupon applications that load digital coupons directly to your shopper rewards cards.  She has a wealth of information worth looking at when you have the time.

Surviving the Stores and The Thrifty Mama post daily on-line and in-store deals, coupon match-ups, and more.  The Thrifty Mama also posts lots of great organic and natural deals.  For even more organic coupons, check out Mambo Sprouts.  You can find them in Whole Foods and other natural markets around the country or sign up on-line.  Since they are manufacturers' coupons, you can use them anywhere, not just the store you find them in.  By knowing which items will save you money on your next trip, you can plan for even more savings (like my Kraft deal last week).  All of these websites are available on my Links tab..

A lot of retailers now offer additional coupons on-line.  Here is a partial list:
Don't forget to check in the store for coupon booklets as well.  Albertson's and Walgreen's both have terrific monthly coupons located at the front of the stores.  When all else fails, do a Google search for the item you want and "coupon."  A lot of companies offer promotions on their product websites.  They may be only good for one use, but that is better than not at all.  Most coupon printers will let you print out the coupon twice on your computer.

Now, when and how do you use all these great coupons?  First you need to know that you can use one coupon for each item purchased, including BOGO (Buy One/Get One Free) deals.  Most retailers will also let you use one of their coupons and a manufacturer's coupon together on an item.  Double savings!  Of course, you get the best bargain when the item is already on sale, but again, start somewhere.  If you need the item right away, use the coupon.  If you can wait, wait for a sale.  No sweat!  Lastly, check to see if the retailer doubles or triples coupons or matches competitor's coupons.  It may be a better deal to get the item at a store that doubles the coupon than at the super-store where the price is cheaper.  Publix is great about matching coupons.  If you have a Publix in your area, you may want to check out I Heart Publix for deals exclusive to the store.

Where do you start?  Get your coupons together and make your list of what you need now and also what you use frequently.  If you need it right away, search through your sales ads for the lowest price (you can get them on-line if you don't have them from the paper), and get what you need.  Start scanning the ads for items you will use, watching for the lowest possible price, and stock up when it hits rock bottom using any coupons you have.  Before long, you will be operating out of a stocked pantry and freezer and won't need to buy until the sale rolls around again.

Tomorrow I will give you the 411 on retailers and their coupon policies, and don't forget that Friday begins our Coupon Organizer Giveaway.  Get started and share your successes with us on Facebook so that we can celebrate with you.woot + 1 Pictures, Images and Photos


  1. Hey girl, two things, well three... I love reading your blog! I know a little but reading another point of view makes me think of ways I never thought of! Thanks!

    Two, I haven't checked this out but on I Heart Publix I had a question about BOGOs and coupons and she said Publix in Florida doesn't allow you to use 2 coupons for BOGO's. So tell your bloggers to check with there Publix first! I need to just ask mine and make sure!

    Also, I heard on the Joy FM one day there is a program that sends all expired coupons to the military overseas. The can use them for so many months after they expire! I haven't sent any yet but I have a zip lock baggy full of them so I can send them. Below is the link I just found. I thought it was an awesome idea!

  2. WE have many free printable coupons for Canadians -

    Is the program for expired coupons for other countries as well?