Saturday, February 2, 2013

I know my Southern friends immediately recognize this food and are drooling already.  For the rest of you, let me clue you into the premier Southern snack. a boiled peanut.  You heard me, not roasted...boiled.

For my Georgia fans, if you find yourself on Hwy. 441, just north of Athens is a little town called Nicholson.  Locals know you SLOW DOWN in Nicholson unless you want to meet the friendly local sheriff.  I have another reason to slow down and in fact stop: the wonderful, dare I say perfect, boiled peanuts.

At the corner of Hwy. 441 and 335 (easy to find, it's the only stop light) is a gas station, and on weekends you can find a terrific family boiling up some of the South's best peanuts. For $4.50 (at time of publishing) you can get a large styrofoam cup full of steaming goodness.  Always hot, always fresh, just the right amount of saltiness, and just a bit of bite.  We stop nearly every weekend for a fix.

So, if you've never tried them, give them a taste, and see what you've been missing.  Where is YOUR favorite place to stop for a roadside snack?

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