Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mister Bluebird's on My Shoulder

My favorite bird to see flying around the garden is the Bluebird. The electric blue color of their wings just begs your attention as they flit around the yard. Once endangered, these beautiful birds are making a comeback in the Southeast, but they could still use a little help. So why not add a few Bluebird houses to your garden to invite them to stay a while?

My dad recently made a few for us to hang around the farm and at my house as well. The template is simple if you have a table or miter saw. You just need some cedar or pressure-treated wood, a few galvanized deck screws, and some finishing nails. It's a great weekend project for the family that will provide you years of bird-watching enjoyment. (See link below for instructions.)

It is recommended to hang or post the houses facing towards the South or Southeast. Bluebirds also benefit from a nearby water source, like a bird bath, as well as berries or suet for feed. They are beneficial for your garden too because they love eating those pesky grubs and other insects that love to feed off all your hard work.

So take some time while planning your Spring planting to attract those animals that are both beautiful to watch and helpful in keeping pests at bay. It's a Win-Win situation!

Happy Gardening!

  1. Bluebird House Template
  2. Attract Bluebirds


  1. My brother used to make those with our grandfather!! For some silly reason, I always get kind of sentimental when I see them :) Great post!! Visiting from UBC :)

    1. I too have fond memories building stuff with my Granddaddy. Those are things you never forget! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. OK, now I am singing the Uncle Remus song to myself in my own head.

    It's the truth. It's actual. Everything is satis-factual.

    Oh, boy.

    Stopping by from the Ultimate Blog Challenge FB page.

    1. LOL One of my favorite movies of all time!

  3. Amy,
    My dad promised to make me a few of these this spring. I love bluebirds and their dainty warble, one of the first things we hear in the early spring. It always means, to me, that spring is coming.

    1. So true! I just love them. My second favorite would be the Towhee. They are just the cutest things, and I love their call...Tooooow-heee!