Monday, June 21, 2010

Garden Update

The garden nearly beat me today.  We have had 100+ temps for the past week, so getting in there early is the only solution.  We harvested a half of a bushel of peas, another sack full of tomatoes, two cucumbers, and assorted peppers.  Then we replanted three rows with Silver Queen corn and two types of field peas.

Remember the mother-load of tomatoes I had?  Well I just finished canning my first ever batch of homemade salsa.  It is so tasty!

Don't forget to give those tomatoes and peppers plenty of water during the heat.  The goal should be to never let the soil get completely dry but stay slightly damp.  They also need a feeding every 3-4 weeks.  See the Tomato Fertilizing post for more details.

Send me some pictures of your gardens, and I will post them to the blog.  Stay cool!

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