Monday, June 28, 2010

Money-Saving Monday - Woot!

Okay, I keep hearing everyone on Facebook having a Woot-off.  What the heck is a Woot-off?  After a little investigation (don't you love the internet?) I found that it is a terrific sale site with new items every day.  I've seen an 8GB Ipod Nano for $89! Check out for today's sales. is probably my favorite sale site for tech items.  Recently, though they have started incorporating a lot of other great items as well.  There was a great deal on Converse sneakers last week at $29 a pair!

Another great sale site is  I have personally purchased a Blue-tooth headset for FREE after rebate.  Yes, the rebate took a while, but free is free.  I have also purchased a few other tech-y gadgets, all with great results.

You can find these as well as other great money-saving and coupon-related sites on my Links page.  Check them out.  Your wallet will thank you.

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