Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Healthy Tagalongs Recipe Review - Chocolate-Covered Katie

What an awesome recipe from Chocolate-Covered Katie! These are truly a great treat, without the added trans fats in the Girl Scout's version. Only problem is they are still high in total fat, due to the use of almond flour. While it is healthy fat they are still high in calories. At least you have the satisfaction of knowing you are getting some nutrition in your splurge.

Katie says she makes 20 cookies out of a batch, at 46 calories a piece. Those must be some tiny cookies. I made a double batch, and it was only 18 cookies at 260 calories a piece. I used more peanut butter than she called for, plus more chocolate. This teaches the lesson that portion size makes a BIG difference. Still, one of my cookies is wholly satisfying and under 300 calories. You won't find any junk food snacks that filling and under 300 calories.

Lastly, my cookies did not end up crunchy, but I really prefer a chewy cookie. That was probably due to the fact I was a little short on almond flour to completely double the batch.

Head on over to check out more great recipes from Katie. Also, check out my version for variations in portions and cooking times.

Happy Eating!

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